Whatever Happened to Us?


Whatever happened to us?

only you would know now.

We stood the test of time

and made everyone jealous

We beat the odds making it real.

With you I was lost in this wild wave of love,

where only you and I existed,

where our worlds evolved around us

and mattered only to us

What really happened to us?

Can I tell?

Searched my heart and soul I have,

driven almost to a state of insanity

Would I ever get to know?

In this big sea of trouble that flows

What ever happened to us?



Missing you

Depression Cell

stuck in my head,

battered by pain

shackled to my fears, disoriented,

I needless say.

Strewn flat, stripped bare,

I lay in my skull in tears.

Slip, slip … I free fall tipped into an abyss

Faint, faint… my world dims

Deeper I sink, with not a bleak of light

Hope thoughts light years away

Gloom did me in today



Winged Heart

drawing by http://dracorin-themanyworldsofdraco.blogspot.com/