Compromise 02

My gal knows she intelligent

But I know too, n that’s why am here

Situations like this, for this man

Already got me going:

She’s like don’t change me

For I am made me

This aint change baby

Its called love maybe

If only we see ourselves together n crave it

This aint no submission

Its all about loving with a passion

A passion to know what I want

Yet know what I hate

N u understand that, that don’t gotta matter

Even if u don’t take it

But you gotta compromise cos you got the jones so

Then I imagine with jingles in my head

The butterflies are meant to be a tickle, yeah

Fluttering beauties, reminding me you pretty

For its so silly if I don’t accommodate you

Not change, but date you with a sense of belonging

like, I Like you with purpose

Love you with no repose

And that’s what this is

Me loving you enough to compromise for

Till my eyes turn blind to what the world faults you on

For if love be blind, then it means my appreciation of your mistakes

And for you I ride with high stakes

For its about us, then you

My change for you don’t make me weak

Or make me drop my values

No! but they make me reach my peak

In this thing we call the blues

So my heart, my darl, I would never change you

But for me to love you

I would always compromise for you

Even if I have to catch a grenade for you

and thats how much I love you

compromise 01


Compromise 03





Planetary bodies will clash

Earth will be doomed

States will lose its stash

Men will crawl through booms

You ever heard?


Lions will loose their hydes

snakes will walk and run

Dogs will quack and hide

Locusts will crawl and curl

You ever heard?


Men will disappear

women will do so likewise

the dead will reappear

others will hope they were the right type

you ever heard?


He will come

They will see

As he shone as the sun

All to set them free

You ever heard?


question on mind

hearts resound

fear a tool to blind

love abounds

you ever heard?


end time prophecy