Your Majesty

my queen

My queen

It is I

Your King,

to be.

May it please your majesty to know that,

Grace and fate

Has led me to your doorstep

And vowed I have

To leave with a response.

Your throne I beseech

For the love of your people

Rule with me by your side.

I implore of you

Though thou might be

at the bows of life’s ship

I will be there to soften your heart

remind you of love, joy, happiness and peace

For I have dedicated my all

To thy life’s conquest

And would ride at the triumph of your quest

As we set a pace

making folks

Want what we have.

Choose me as I have chosen you

and to war you will match no more

For peace will I bring with me

forever Pouring out my emotions

from the waterfall of my heart.



my queen 1