Show Me A liar

Show me a liar

And a man who lacks integrity is what I would see

For he respects not his name nor himself,

little regards for others does he hold.

Show me that liar

And I would say he had a crooked past an

Excuse not fit for the devil

But a liar he remains.

Show me a liar

And then again I could see a saint in the making

For every situation does not define a person

and veering from his ways might be a blessing

I once told a lie

I once told a lie

That tore nations apart

Dug trenches and buried the goods of the land


I once told a lie

That construed my shape

And left me with a distorted persona


I once told a lie

A lie that broke hearts and condemned grace

Yet it birth space and hate


I once told a lie

That ripped my foundation apart

And destroyed years of hard sold trust


I once told a lie

That looked like me

For I became the lie


I once told a lie

And felt sorry from my depths

But yet empty in my soul


I once told a lie

And pleaded for forgiveness

Hoping my plea would bring me amnesty


I once told a lie

And lost my soul

For without her I was just a hole


I once told a lie

And regretted my actions

But my actions got the best of this


I once told a lie

And said I would come clean

But not even a thousand soaps could help wash away the debris on this broken bridge


I once told a lie

that made her a hater

and pushed me far from my maker


I once told a lie

And severed connections with love

Now am lost and love don’t love me on more




Tell a Lie

Tell a lie, start a chain of hurt,

and catch up with u, it will

For the hearts u trample, don’t forget.

Tell a lie and condemn your soul

Better yet sell it whole

For your binding words make them so.

Tell a lie my dear, and fill my heart with joy for the moment,

For when that lie be known, Distrust would bleed its joy so,

and beget hate enough to draw battle lines.

Tell a lie and to war we’ll march.

Raining berated tantrums,

and taking wild swings at our happiness.

Tell a lie and you just might do me in

For hearts would crumple and beat no more

For its rhythm was all a lie

Liar 2