Miss you 02

I miss you

I miss you bad

I miss you so much I can’t lie

This past week I have been to a

Place of deep sorrow and back

Where seeds were almost sown

And I made sure there were no reap backs


The past week has had you upset and sad

And me crazily confused and saddened


I missed you even amidst the storm

As I prayed on for days of norms


I missed you till I cried

Tears poured down my face

Shamelessly as I wiped


I missed you for there was this hole

I knew not how it got there

Then found out I had been digging

Them up in past years


I miss you I miss you so

A pain I caused to my soul


I miss you my beauty queen

Missed you so much till pain

Almost called me a friend

But I hoped as hard as I missed you

And prayer brought me back to you


I miss you I miss you so

I never want to hurt you again

And let such a resentment grow


I miss you my love,

Miss you till I lost myself

A week of loneliness did me in

Miss you 01



Dead gaze

An arrow shot

This battle is lost

Mind filled with haze

How does one connect the dot

to this windblown dust?

Rebuff; “it’s me not you”

The common cliché

That sinks the mind

Essence bleeds through

For a completion was awaited

Mixed feeling; dilemmatic

For in this moment of bareness,

The heart still beats

as it holds unto more

Hope of a forsaken voyage

Winds adrift to unknown land

It must have been you

Cos’ you were obviously not meant to be

Let go




My baby’s mad, my baby’s sad, my baby’s down

And it all my doing, swimming in my tots

Reflections of our Fights to push ideas through,

Statements made to define self, and position

Notions of intellectual pride

Potions of cultural differences sprinkled in the air

Thrust of personalities made so clear

We divide ourselves and stand apart

Pressured by thoughts of reality

This threatens these broken boundaries of ours

A tale of two cities we are, but strive otherwise

But this is mostly about, my angel and I

My baby, my heart, am sorry I stood afar

For only you matter, in this crazy moments of ours

Am sorry my baby, am sorry my love

Am sorry my heart, do not stop your beat

And take life away from me





dont leave

The nights grew lonely and pensive

A decision yet to bore life to be made

A wait in utmost confusion

For the price to be paid for hurting love comes with a repercussion

I weep in my own state

Drowned by the flow of my own tears

I hurt myself, for I hurt love

Love don’t love me no more

No love don’t

My bed my refuge

My God my healer

Am sorry love, am sorry

Though I err human, that’s not enough excuse

My nights will stay this way

For I know your heart will lock its gates

Leaving me on the banks

A prey yet to be devoured by the world

But I shall survive and learn form my deeds

My love for you will burn my torch far into the night

And the morning shall bring my own glory and your peace

Go well my love

thinking of you

Sleep Casanova

I wait in earnest

As you drift away

It upsets my nest

For you left me for sleep once again

Your fondness of his love

Eats at my heart

As I stay expectant

Hoping I can somehow come to your rescue

Steal you away from his familiarity

Valiant thoughts

Releases adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin

Battle ready in proclamation

For my warm aching heart

Will forever want your presence.


Whatever Happened to Us?


Whatever happened to us?

only you would know now.

We stood the test of time

and made everyone jealous

We beat the odds making it real.

With you I was lost in this wild wave of love,

where only you and I existed,

where our worlds evolved around us

and mattered only to us

What really happened to us?

Can I tell?

Searched my heart and soul I have,

driven almost to a state of insanity

Would I ever get to know?

In this big sea of trouble that flows

What ever happened to us?



Missing you

Depression Cell

stuck in my head,

battered by pain

shackled to my fears, disoriented,

I needless say.

Strewn flat, stripped bare,

I lay in my skull in tears.

Slip, slip … I free fall tipped into an abyss

Faint, faint… my world dims

Deeper I sink, with not a bleak of light

Hope thoughts light years away

Gloom did me in today



Winged Heart

drawing by http://dracorin-themanyworldsofdraco.blogspot.com/