Trinity in Me

holy trinity 1

Father in me

Be with me

Part not from me

Sheppard all of me

Son in me

Do wonders in me

Teach your ways to me

Let me know you died for me

Spirit in me

Let your truth resonate in me

Put your counsel in me

Get this me ready for the KING

 Holy Trinity




Planetary bodies will clash

Earth will be doomed

States will lose its stash

Men will crawl through booms

You ever heard?


Lions will loose their hydes

snakes will walk and run

Dogs will quack and hide

Locusts will crawl and curl

You ever heard?


Men will disappear

women will do so likewise

the dead will reappear

others will hope they were the right type

you ever heard?


He will come

They will see

As he shone as the sun

All to set them free

You ever heard?


question on mind

hearts resound

fear a tool to blind

love abounds

you ever heard?


end time prophecy