been away 01

Been away as the seasons passed

Away from my world of expressions

My escape from reality

My fusion to eternity

Been away as the years rolled by

Away from friends and bloggers

My omission from gawking at talents

My emptiness with no poetry fill

Been away as the months chugged on

Away from cyber’s meeting lounge



election 2015 2


Another political leap year turned the corner

Bearing its weighted burden;

Parties to attend and belong to,

Identities to portray,

Lies to be sermonized from rally pulpits,

Partisan lured by some kind of cake slice;

Sour or molded

Epistolized eulogies and backlash color the media,

Trained zombie parrots take to screens,

Charlatan Patriots yell mantras at screeching levels

While taking bold steps backwards,

Lukewarm citizens exonerate their rites, crowing:

“why bother”,

Commerce flirts around with inflation

Fraternizing to ingrain poverty,

Soiled hands and deep pockets make mergers,

Anxiety calls out names

And makes even the brave kneel to pray,

Hopes are cast like a die

Gamble to choose the thought lesser evil,

Candidates stoop to cheaply decorated stabs,

Polling booths the deciding ground.

Expectancy of a fair elect

Winnow through the parties,

Past the cloaks, handouts and desperation

Patriots unwilling to trade their birth rights

March they will, pupils alight

Nigeria, will decide.

election 2015 1




When I was around you

I could feel it.

Many a years I heard ‘em say

specious, i thought they were

but then i felt it

And denial became a thing of the past

I knew it had come to stay

Butterflies! (chuckling)

yeah, they were there

I cant explain it

but, I felt it.

It was this feeling

of having every answer

to the questions of the world

where every door felt open

and with you, I could go anywhere

Cos’ our clocks where wound

Constantly on happiness

Yes I knew I felt it

Cos with you my world glowed

Butterflies 1



Planetary bodies will clash

Earth will be doomed

States will lose its stash

Men will crawl through booms

You ever heard?


Lions will loose their hydes

snakes will walk and run

Dogs will quack and hide

Locusts will crawl and curl

You ever heard?


Men will disappear

women will do so likewise

the dead will reappear

others will hope they were the right type

you ever heard?


He will come

They will see

As he shone as the sun

All to set them free

You ever heard?


question on mind

hearts resound

fear a tool to blind

love abounds

you ever heard?


end time prophecy






I remember once

under the skies we sat

Gazing endlessly at the stars

Our feet stuck in the sand.

The wave splashes

showering love droplets

over us rhythmically.

Cold wind rushed past us

gliding over our bodies

defining the very essence of our being.

I asked

“do you feel it?”

You smiled back at me

glint in your eyes,

smile stretched out thin,

meeting me half-way

we kissed our stars

unity into the night.

feet at shore