I remember once

under the skies we sat

Gazing endlessly at the stars

Our feet stuck in the sand.

The wave splashes

showering love droplets

over us rhythmically.

Cold wind rushed past us

gliding over our bodies

defining the very essence of our being.

I asked

“do you feel it?”

You smiled back at me

glint in your eyes,

smile stretched out thin,

meeting me half-way

we kissed our stars

unity into the night.

feet at shore





Help me define me

for I am lost

Time has left me forlorn.

I tell not infatuation from love

Like a record worn, am broken.

If only u would fix me

Reset my love meters to default

and make their pointers

swing to the right measures of love

Teach me to love

For like a newborn

I am willing to discover.

Be my sage

show me your ways

For in this vast sea of yours am lost

Come to my rescue

For I refuse to be saved by another

For only in your love

Have I sworn to drown

lost in you

Show Me A liar

Show me a liar

And a man who lacks integrity is what I would see

For he respects not his name nor himself,

little regards for others does he hold.

Show me that liar

And I would say he had a crooked past an

Excuse not fit for the devil

But a liar he remains.

Show me a liar

And then again I could see a saint in the making

For every situation does not define a person

and veering from his ways might be a blessing

Whatever Happened to Us?


Whatever happened to us?

only you would know now.

We stood the test of time

and made everyone jealous

We beat the odds making it real.

With you I was lost in this wild wave of love,

where only you and I existed,

where our worlds evolved around us

and mattered only to us

What really happened to us?

Can I tell?

Searched my heart and soul I have,

driven almost to a state of insanity

Would I ever get to know?

In this big sea of trouble that flows

What ever happened to us?



Missing you