A Lesson on time


Time on my hands

Time to spare

Time’s not enough but,

its time to share.

Its time I make a run for it.

Its time I make a move.

This time I’ll time this well

So you listen as I read my poem ‘Time’

Its time you stopped what you are doing

As I give you a lesson on time

For time not gained

Is time lost

Time is hard to hold onto

so I warn you this time

you better take your time.

For an ignorance of time

Is deemed a crime

Time yourself and become great in life

For time well learnt

Is time well spent

The wise man yells

“Now you know the time, right?”

“Don’t know what u mean but time would tell”, I reply

“A stitch in time”, he says

Grudgingly I fill the blank lines

“Would save nine”

Only thinking to myself

If only I can grab a bottle of wine

“My friend, stop wasting your time”, he sputters.

“You don’t know my time like I do”, I say

“You slime, mind yourself this time around

and get yourself a figurine to talk to.

If you say time one more time there,

this time I would not take it lightly.

For you just stand here wasting my time

or do you think I can regain lost time.

Next time,

time yourself

for I would only allow you

Nine minutes of my time.

Good day say Sir,

I have got not time to spare

Cos’ time is precious and for it I care.”

“Ah”, he says

“Time would be our judge,

and time would tell our attained sores,

For the next time you yell at an old man

Time you just might lose I swear.”



Depression Cell

stuck in my head,

battered by pain

shackled to my fears, disoriented,

I needless say.

Strewn flat, stripped bare,

I lay in my skull in tears.

Slip, slip … I free fall tipped into an abyss

Faint, faint… my world dims

Deeper I sink, with not a bleak of light

Hope thoughts light years away

Gloom did me in today



Winged Heart

drawing by http://dracorin-themanyworldsofdraco.blogspot.com/

The You I feel


A little I see,

A little I know,

Yet my mind wanders so.

A little I can tell,

the moment I can bear ,

yet my mind hangs on its ear.


just my thoughts,

for within I have a full story of you,

a tale I can tell,

Cos’ nature and beauty cannot be falsified

Here I stand till your gaze let’s go

Enchanted am fixed,

Waiting for a beckoning,

Cos’ I cannot help

how much of the you I feel.

Jailed by Sue


Sue my heart.

Sue my Being.

Grace me with your

heartfelt charges and

count after count

I’ll make the gavel

swing for the right reasons.

The world our jury to decide

though not by perfection

they’ll testify to the

right ingredients of love

and charge this heart of mine.

sue my heart,

and I’ll forever be convicted as yours.


jailed heart 2