The seed has been planted,

love just might have a resting place finally.

Nourish the seed, water the soil,

I cant wait to see the first sprout of love.

Could this be another infatuation?

or was it meant to be so.

I never saw grounds so good to sow,

I never gave up in my mind,

even as she says she belong to another’s soul.

Do I keep pruning the weeds,

or should I just shout out,

you are the one! My seed

and guard my garden jealously.

I had known right from the onset,

when fate brought seed to soil,

but got distracted by the rosy bush nearby.

If only you were mine,

and mine alone to keep.

Do I duel and come out grand,

Or watch you slip away without a fight,

I just would never know now,

but I will not stop watering the soil,

for am sure the seed is right,

and the soil fertile.

This seed is mine

This seed