Hello world!

I finally got this open, yay!! Now I get to share with the whole world my talent which I have had for years but not known what to do with, but thanks to a dear friend (festivalking) who simply pushed me and convinced me to share, I am totally glad I can do this now. I plan to go this way for many reasons, as I believe in love and in God, and through my blog, I am hoping to reach out to as many as I can and give them the hope of love, loving and a hope of life worth living. I would share my poems mostly on love so pure so true, I also give short anecdotes on my life, the ones worth sharing, and I would also come up with creative stories of my own too. So guys let’s get started on this together because it’s not about me, but its all about you guys. For I am nothing if I don’t touch hearts or lifes.